Is Online Paid Survey A Scam ?

Can you really earn through online survey? Here's my personal experience from it...

Paid Online Survey, A Scam ?

Paid Online survey scam

Paid Online Survey, Scam Or Legitimate ?

Online survey is the only hope that I have when I started searching for ways to make money online way back 2007.

That's the only idea that I have back then because I am receiving spam emails from them. So I tried searching "make money online survey" on google.

I came across with many online surveys websites but most of them are only paid survey wherein you are enticed with the promise that you will be receiving surveys after paying some amount.

I still don't have a credit card back then so I tried googling "free paid survey" online.

I registered to some "free paid survey" hoping that it could give me some online earnings but everything seems not working after days had passed. All of these free accounts have their options for an upgrade to a paid account which all says that you will be receiving more surveys after upgrading to their "Pro" account.

Fortunately, I came across with an article about google adsense and immediately became amazed after reading it.

I never knew that someone can really earn online on a legitimate way.

Till then, I've been earning through google adsense.

My online earning is still not impressive (not enough to leave my day job, I mean) but it is significant enough to pay some utility bills.

So, to answer the question "Is Online Paid Survey A Scam ?" is really something I can't confirm because I did not have chance of trying, and do not plan on trying in the future.

Come to think of it, millions of people should have been rich in an instant if these are true right?

But one thing is sure, I have been earning through google adsense, infolinks and nuffnang in a very legitimate way.

Try them!

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