Gloria Arroyo To Attend Iggy Arroyo's Wake

Gloria Arroyo seeks court's permission to attend Iggy Arroyo's wake, will the court allow her to? Read full story here...

Gloria Arroyo Wants To Attend Iggy Arroyo's Wake

Gloria Arroyo Iggy Arroyo Wake

Gloria Arroyo Requests To Attend Iggy's Wake

With the death of Gloria Arroyo's brother in law, Iggy Arroyo, her camp requested to the court to attend to Iggy Arroyo's wake.

The request however is still pending with the Commission on Election official asked for the clarification of the request. According to COMELEC officials, the request from the Arroyo's counsel is very vague.

“We need the details because the request was very vague. Her request is to go attend the wake but what if the wake is... I don’t know... in Hong Kong? So, does that mean she will have to travel? What if the wake is in Negros?” - the COMELEC spokesperson, James Jimenez said.

“We don’t know the exact dimension of this request of hers for provisional freedom so we want her to clarify it first,” he further added.

The former president of the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo, is still detained in Quezon City hospital due to the pending trial for electoral sabotage case. Gloria Arroyo's counsels had given their request at the Pasay City Regional Trial Court to allow her to visit the wake of Iggy Arroyo who recently died in London.

Jimenez said on an interview that the COMELEC body wanted Gloria Arroyo's request to be in detail so that the government can supply the proper preparation including the logistic and security requirements should the former president's request be granted.

“We want to make sure that it’s clear because, if you remember, every time that she goes out, we incur costs for security, logistics…. She can’t go there alone. Someone must be assigned to her, so their request should be clear,” - Jimenez clariffied further.

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