Freedom Of Information Bill 2012, Philippines

What is Freedom of Information 2012?

Freedom Of Information Bill 2012 Of The Philippines

Freedom of Information Bill 2012

Freedom Of Information Bill 2012

FOI or Freedom of Information Bill of 2012, Philippines is a proposed law that was submitted by the Aquino administration to the House of Representative and is now subject under review to become a full pledge law.

The news was announced earlier today, February 3, 2012 - Thursday, on his speech during the 112th anniversary celebration of Manila Bulletin.

“Earlier today (Thursday), we formally submitted to our coalition partners in the House of Representatives a substitute Freedom of Information Bill, which we believe addresses stakeholders’ desires to have more transparency and more access to information in government,” -the president said.

According to the Philippine president, the proposed Freedom of Information Bill will strengthen the free access to public records from the government.

“We want every other administration voted into power to work under the same standard of transparency and accountability that we have set for ourselves. This is a significant step toward achieving that goal,” -Philippine President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III added.

The said proposed law was said to had been cooking for at leadt 18 months, in which it was submitted to the lower house earlier today by the Secretary of Budget and Management. the proposed bill is said to be a part of the Aquino Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Plan of 2012-2016 campaign.

Here is the official powerpoint presentation of the Freedom of Information Bill of 2012.

Also, here is downloadable Freedom of Information Bill of 2012.


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