Boxer Karlo Maquinto Died

Filipino boxer Karlo Maquinto died after being on a coma for five days, read full story here...

Boxer Karlo Maquinto Died After Being Comatose

Karlo Maquinto Died

Karlo Maquinto Death

We will not greet you a good day due to the news that we are reporting on this page.

Filipino boxer Karlo Maquinto had died yesterday, Friday - February 3, 2011, after being on a comatose for five days.

Karlo Maquinto suffered on a blood clot in his brain after his last fight against Mark Joseph Costa in Caloocan City. After being knocked down twice, Maquinto collapsed inside the ring and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Games and Amusements Board chair Juan Ramon Guanzon, whose agency is in charge of regulating professional sports like boxing said that they followed safety procedures during the fight. Two ring physicians were present during the fight plus four other personnels were in the event - the Game and Amusement Board spokesperson - Commissioner Aquil Tamano said on an interview.
Karlo Maquinto Boxer

Tamano however admitted that there were no oxygene tanks at ringside during the Karlo Maquinto incident. Though he added that the oxygene tank is out of the question because it's insignificant for the Maquinto case.

"It wouldn’t have mattered because it was a brain injury," -Tamano said.

The death of boxer Karlo Maquinto had lead to question about the medical history of each boxer before goinf to fight.

“There have been past deaths because the medical history of boxers were overlooked.” - said 50 years boxing promoter Jun Sarrea.

Tamano however stressed that Maquinto was given medical clearance before the said fight.

Chairman Guanzon said that the death of Karlo Maquinto was an "accident" and the whole boxing community is saddened to the unfortunate incident.

Karlo Maquinto was 21.

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  1. nakakalungkot isipin ang bata pa niya... 21 years old... napakahirap talaga maging boxer.. tsk tsk tsk