Bianca Manalo Photo While Scratching Her Groin

Bianca Manalo was caught on camera while scratching her... see full story here...

Bianca Manalo Photo At Happy Yipee Yehey While Scratching Her Groin

Bianca Manalo Photo

Bianca Manalo Photo, February 4, 2011

This is another awkward incident.

Former Beauty queen and now Happy Yipee Yehey host Bianca Manalo was caught on a photo while scratching her... you know what.

This is really one of those embarrasing moment that you want to hide, unfortunately, it was caught by a camera of an audience in which he immediately posted online. Filipino had feasted with the photo, thanks to the help of networking sites like facebook, twitpic and twitter.

Happy Yipee Yehey will surely leave a not-so-happy memory for Bianca Manalo and if I'm her, I wish the show had defuncted earlier.

Due to its degrading nature, we will not post the humiliating photo on this site. But since you came in here for the photo, we will point you to the external site if you really want to see the viral photo.

Click on the link below this line.

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