Ahcee Flores Wishes Bisaya To Die On Earthquake

A certain Ahcee Flores wishes that the Bisayas who were affected by the recent 6.9 magnitude eathquake die, is her comment on facebook true? read the full story here...

Ahcee Flores Viral Message On Facebook

Ahcee Flores Facebook Comment Over Earthquake At Visayas

As of this writing, the local authorities from the affected areas of the recent earthquake from Visayas, Philippines is 57 where the count of missing is still undetermine.

It became the hottest news yesterday and flood the entire evening news on all television stations and radios nationwide, including print and digital medias. The earthquake that hit the Visayas area even topped the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona and burried Nonito Donaire and Gloria Arroyo drama saga.

But just immediately, another commotion had hit the online community on the pace that tag at par with the earthquake news. It appeared that a certain woman in the name of Ahcee Flores posted her message on facebook where she wishes that fellow Filipino on the earthquake affected areas to die.

Ahcee Flores wishes that the people there die with the earthquake, her reason? Simply because she hates the race of the people that lives there, the Bisayas.

“Let us all pray……. Na matuloy ang tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas [I hope the tsunami pushes through so people from Visayas will die..so the outdated will cease].”

As you can see, she even invited everyone to pray with him. We, the keyworspeak.com team are jsut wondering that if she wishes someone to die, to whom is she praying to?

And if you think you had enough, Ahcee Flores gave another blow with this message.

With this, Filipino nitizens slammed her with hateful comments reacting to her comment. They even created a facebook fan page wishing her to die. "Kill Ahcee Flores Movement" reads the title of the facebook page which currently has 13,335 fans.

Surprisingly, another faction had also created a facebook fan page, but this time - to support Ahcee Flores. The facebook page titled "Support Ahcee Flores" and currently has 605 fans.

One unconfirmed report said that the real name of Ahcee Flores is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos.

So the question is, is this a real case of heartless comments or is Ahcee Flores is just a victim of online bullying?

This site gives all fairness on every articles that we publish, we will be giving updates regarding the issue if we hear any developments.

However, in conclusion, true or not - this is really something to talk about.


  1. I can't believe , there is such heartless person whom able to comment as if it doesn't matter at all.

  2. sana sayo na lng yan mangyari kasi mas maganda pa ang mga bisaya kesa sayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. demonyo ka..walang puso...at sino ka para ipanalangin mo yan..BADUY maybe THAT"S YOU.BALIW

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  5. khelas sad kpl ng mukha mooooooooo

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