Scandal Video Part 2 Of Janelle Manahan

Janelle Manahan scandal video part 2 was released online according to web sources, nitizens are looking for a download link, will we provide it? read full story here...

Janelle Manahan And Ramgen Revilla Scandal Video Part 2

Janelle Manahan Video Part 2

Part Two Of Janelle Manahan Scandal Video Leaked

We at the were so sad to echo the reports which said that the another big blow had hit Janelle Manahan as the scandal video part 2 was released according to networking sites.

Janelle Manahan Part 2 Scandal Video was released online.

This is really a heart breaking news especially for a survivor like Janelle Manahan.

It can be recalled that Janelle Manahan had confirmed the authenticity of the video scandal when the it was initially spread online and also revealed that there were less than ten more videos that she and Ram Revilla taped.

Due to decency, this blog will not include a download link for Janelle Manahan Scandal Video Part 2, just like we did on Part 1.

Though we cannot confirm that the scandalous video part 2 really exists, because we did not excert any effort looking for it, web sources and people online had confirmed its existence. According to the nitizens, the video contains more of Janelle Manahan and it lasted for about four minutes.

According to them, it was even made with multiple video formats like mpeg, avi and mp4 to suites various players like smartphones and etc.

Janelle Manahan had known the released of the part 2 video when she was tagged on twitter on Friday the 13'th.

So are you interested on the scandal video part 2?
Come-on, can you find someone else's? Ramgen Revilla was murdered, and Janelle Manahan is undergoing with huge burden after surviving the incident, have a heart.

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