Camille Villar Now On Wiltime Bigtime!

Daughter of Manny Villar is now Wiltime Bigtime's newest co-host, read the quick review here...

Camille Villar Is The New Wiltime Bigtime Co-Host

Wiltime Bigtime Camille Villar Co-Host

Camille Villar

Starting January 23, 2012, Camille Villar will be the newest co-host of TV5's Wiltime Bigtime.

Camille Villar is the daughter of Willie Revillame's close friend, Senator Manny Villar.

According to confirmed reports, Camille Villar will only co-host along side Willie, Mariel Rodriguez, Sugar and Lovely for only one week. This is because Shalani Soledad had just left for an indefinite leave due to her upcoming wedding this month.

Mariel Rodriguez had also asked Willie Revillame's permission to go abroad with Robin Padilla in celebration of Robin's birthday.

Earlier on the opening of Wiltime Bigtime tonight (January 23, 2012) Manny Villar accompanied her daughter, Camille Villar in introducing her with Willie to the televiewers.

Now let's make a quick review of Camille Villar.

As of this writing, Wiltime Bigtime is still showing on the television. So far, in fairness, Camille Villar is doing great on her hosting on Wiltime Bigtime. She can deliver her lines nicely for a beginner and we can say that she will become a lot better if she will be given enough time to get hold of things.

Now we, the team are all asking, with the beauty and guts Camille Villar had, will they really allow her to leave after a week? No offense, but she's a lot better on her first day than Shalani who had been hosting for months.


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