Little Girl Cries Over Mara's Death on Mara Clara Youtube Video

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Watch Youtube Video - Mara died - Little girl cried

Her name is Pamela, the little girl who cried to death when she saw on The Filipino Channel, TFC, that Mara's characted died on the teleserye Mara Clara.

It's horrifiying (in a funny way) when I saw the girl (Pamela) cried on her lungs as she over - reacted after seeing Mara's death on the television.

The big sister filmed her crying younger sister while having the first laugh for the video.

It's a funny watching the video, on how Pamela express her feelings boldly.

Here the youtube video of Pamela as she cries scandalously (in a funny way).

The youtube has been featured on tv patrol and now has 972,012 views and continues to become viral over the internet.

This video really had became very popular as Mara herself, Kathryn Bernardo in real life sent her video message for Baby Pamela to comfor her for crying on her character's death.

It has been known that Pamela and her family are currently living in Chicago, USA.

This video also reached