Is - Mobile Xray Scanner a Scam, Fake? mobile xray scanner scam fake

Mobile xray scanner is fake and a scam

There has been an advertisement that scramming around the net. The ads depicts that they can turn your regular mobile phone into a scanner as powerful as an xray. The advertisement also projects that an application from their website can do this by putting it on your phone.

The ads also depicts further that if their application can xray scan, it can also be adjusted that only the external garments can be removed leaving the skin exposed, and that's was their very bait for the innocent victims.

The advertisement came with different forms, showing various models to advertise their business.

Their website asked you to enter your mobile phone number which automatically determines your country's network providers. I tried it myself but nothing happens.

But some people online said that their load was eaten by registering on this scam, and that they are looking on how to unsubscribe from it.

The thing is, as far as my knowledge is concern. There is not existing mobile phones that can do xray scanning, and trying to depict this makes it an absolute scam.

Do you have any bad experience with this mobile xray scanner?
Do you know how to unsubscribe from it?

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