Vic Sotto & Pauleen Luna Officially Dating

Vic Sotto And Pauleen Luna Exclusively Dating

Vic Sotto Pauleen Luna

Vic And Pauleen Relationship

Vic Sotto is now one on the top trending search term on the country, but if you are thinking that his latest movie with Ai-Ai de las Alas entitled "Enteng ng Ina Mo" that solely causing the commotion, then you are completely wrong.

While bossing Vic Sotto's movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival is expected to make a news, it is not what really make him a hot news.

It appeared that Vic Sotto's love life is what causing this noisy noise. But if you are thinking of Ai-Ai, Dina, Pia or any women on his age level as his lover, again - you are completely wrong.

Hold you're breath --- it's the teen actress and tv host, Pauleen Luna. No typo there, it really the 23 years old beautiful girl and the 57 years old veteran man.

But let's start by knowing that this news isn't a baseless rumor. Ricky Lo, a showbiz columnist said on his article "“Yes, they are ‘officially’ an item as confirmed to Funfare by somebody close to them, that’s why you must have noticed some very subtle sweetness in the way they treat each other on Eat Bulaga!,".

Nitizens has given their reaction over the shocking news over the microblogging site

"Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna! Officially an item? Huweehh? Hahaha!" user PameLooove posted.

"WTF??? Is this true??" user EiSantos tweeted.

"Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna dating? Parang mag-lolo lang ah!" said user RunErwinRun07.

"Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are dating? Baka naman father-daughter bonding ang peg!" user itsmeRobDy tweeted.

It is really official, Pauleen Luna is the new first lady of GMA-7 noontime show "Eat Bulaga" which Pia Guanio formerly held. And if you are concern about the possible awkwardness between Pia and Paula, there should be none as Pia Guanio was recently married to businessman Steve Magno (see full story here...).

On team note:
Sure Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna's age difference is really uncommon, doing the math, it is 34 years. But who are we to judge Vic and Pauleen, or who are we to judge anyone for that matter?

Being a celebrity, we can really expect that they can cut the rope in the near future like what other celebrities usually do. But the point is, they love each other and they both deserve to be happy just like the rest of us. There should be no regrets because at one time, they want what they did, period.


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