Vangie - The Pinoy Siri, iPhone 4S

Introducing Vangie, the Pinoy Siri. Vangie developed by MacapunoSystems for iPhone 4S - Pinoy version

Vangie, The Pinoy Siri (iPhone 4S)

Vangie Pinoy Siri Virtual Assistant

Meet Vangie - The Pinoy Siri

One of the innovation highlights of the recently launched iPhone 4S aside from its major hardware upgrades if its new voice command feature introduced as Siri.

Pinoy, being one of the most adoptable organism on earth had just immediately introduced its Pinoy version of Siri, a voice command assistant that understand Filipino and behaved along with Pinoy culture.

Here is the youtube video that was made by MacapunoSystems and said that Vangie is The Pinoy Virtual Assistant".

As of writing, this uploaded video of Vangie, the Pinoy Siri, was viewed 365,799 times and had received 3,916 likes & 75 dislikes.

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  1. Have you seen AteVangie's latest video? Na-reveal na ang celeb na vinavodygard nya :)