UP Oblation Run 2011 Videos, Photos

UP Oblation Run 2011 Videos and Photos

University of the Philippines, UP Oblation Run 2011

Photos and Videos - UP Oblation RUn 2011

Some 30 members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) made the highly anticipated UP Oblation Run where about 200 crowd waited for the event.

The UP Oblation Run is an annual activity permitted by the University of the Philippines wherein fraternity members run on naked in front of the public. This year's UP Oblation Run had a message wherein the fraternity members are carrying placards bearing a message about the protection of the Philippine rivers.

It can be recall that the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity participated for the Sagip Ilog Project last April 22, 2011 and vowed to make it the theme of this year's oblation run.

In regards, the Save Philippine Rivers Movement, a non-governmental organization which advocates for the proetction of the country's rivers was staged to be in partnership of the Oblation Run 2011.

Myrna Julieta Jimenez, executive director of the Save Philippine Rivers Movement said that the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity are not a group of people who are involved in frat wars but are brotherhood who push the betterment of the country.

Below is a photo of Joel Liporada posted on abs-cbnnews.com.

UP Oblation Run 2011 photo video

The embedded video below was uploaded on youtube by user movedotph.


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