Ram Revilla & Janelle Manahan Video Scandal

Here is a post to appeal the stoppage of murder victim Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan Scandal Video that has been shared online, read full story here...

Ram Revilla And Janelle Manahan Shower Video Scandal

Ram Revilla Janelle Manahan Video Scandal

Video Scandal Of Ram Revilla And Janelle Manahan Hits The Internet

There has been a noisy commotion happening online that had gathered significant attention among Filipino nitizens. According to reports, murder victim Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan had a leaked six video scandal.

Reports said that it was uploaded and shared on major networking sites - facebook and youtube and links was broadcasted on twitter.com. However, the scandalous video scandal had immediately deleted in violation of the sites' policy against nudity and sexuality content.

The video as reported contains Ram and Janelle doing it on the shower, with Ram who made the whole video with the consent of Janelle. The said video was one minute and thirty seven seconds in length.

However, since it will violate this site's regulation, we cannot provide the download link for the video scandal of Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan.

In respect to the murder victim and to survivor Janelle Manahan who is still under recovery, we are appealing everyone not to support the said video. If you really into it, we are sure you can find other videos with different characters inside.

As of this posting, the source of the video is still unknown.

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