President Aquino First iPhone 4S Owner

Philippine President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III is the official Filipino who got the iPhone 4S from the local market according to Globe Telecom. PNoy got it free for being Globe's loyal subscriber for years, see full story here...

President PNoy Aquino First Philippine Owner Of iPhone 4S

President PNoy Noynoy Aquino iPhone 4GS

President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III First iPhone 4S Owner In PH

Thousand of Filipinos endured falling in line for hours on the official launch of iPhone 4S in the local market last Thursday, December 15, 2011. The iPhone enthusiasts which includes celebrities like Anne Curtis fell in line to the first Filipinos to own the new iPhone model, the iPhone 4S.

However, the first Filipino to officially own the iPhone 4S by getting it on the local market is the Philippine president. President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III is the first owner of iPhone 4S from the local retailer according to Globe Telecom. It appeared that President PNoy is a Globe's subscriber and the new iPhone 4S was given to him under the company's loyalty program.

Globe Telecom was proud enough to broadcast that the most powerful man on the country made the rightmost choice in selecting his cellphone provider. "Even the highest official knows how to make the correct choice in terms of providers," - Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom's president said on a press breifing last Friday on the day the iPhone was released in the country.

Being a globe subscriber, Cu said that the President's old mobile phone that he has been using for the last two years was due for a replacement in line with his plan subsription with Globe. The president's old phone is the iPhone 3G and not iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S was delivered to PNoy at the Malacanang by billionaire Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, chairman of Globe's parent company - Ayala Corporation last Wednesday, two days before the iPhone 4S was officially launched to the public.


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