Lunar Eclipse December 11, 2011 Photo

Total lunar eclipse, December 2011. See the total lunar eclipse, actual photos and videos...

Total Lunar Eclipse Photo - December 11, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse

Nope, it's not bad luck as the ancient people believed, or worst - the end of the world.

Total lunar eclipse is a pheomena wherein the earth shadow covers the moon. And on the December 11, 2011 case, total lunar eclipse occured wherein the moon will be fully covered by our planet's shadow (umbra, penumbra).

December 11, 2011 total lunar eclipse though isn't that rare, as other's called it to be, simply because it appears every three years in which the next occurence will be on April 15, 2014. That's why if you missed to see it on personal, chances are you'll still alive on the next lunar eclipse. it is not like the famous Halley Comet that only appears every 75-76 years, in which more likely one can witness only once.

Anyway, here are some of the videos and photos of the total lunar eclipse last December 11, 2011.

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