's Year Ender Post

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This will be our year ender post for 2011.

We, the team wants to express our deepest appreciation to our visitors for the whole year. had entered the year 2011 with just a page rank of 1 and an alexa rank of over a million. But with the help of our visitors, as of this writing, our page rank had dramatically increased to 4 and our alexa rank had jumped to the line of 100K.

Though we are not sure if our previous visitors from this whole year can see this thank you post as our 2011 traffic mostly came from organic searches, as we are aware that we do not have loyal visitors - we still initiated to thank everyone who had read our articles.

We are more than happy knowing that our articles had helped you in any way we can.

The earnings of this blog had also became significant to our family and with your help, we are looking forward to the day that this blog can support my family entirely. We know that we're still very far to that, but we know that we're on the right track.

To our fellow Filipino bloggers, whom we are starting to have connection with, thank you very much for letting us to harmoniously co-exist with you on this online space.

Thank you our valued visitors, thank you fellow pinoy bloggers, thank you 2011, and we are looking forward to a brighter 2012.

We all wish that our future articles will continue to help you to the best that we can.

Happy new year to everyone!

Please do not forget to join our upcoming contest in celebration to our third year anniversary.

Happy new year again! =)

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