January 2, 2012 Holiday Or Not A Holiday ?

Is January 2, 2012 a holiday or not, read full story here to find out...

Is January 2, 2012 A Special Holiday Or A Regular Holiday?

January 2, 2012 Holiday Special

Holiday Or Not, January 2, 2012

The Philippine government had recently announced that December 30, 2011 is a special holiday, logically since it is sandwiched between holidays December 30, 2011 - a predefined Rizal Day and January 1, 2011 - New Years day.

In regards to this, Filipinos are asking whether the January 2, 2012 will be declared as a special holiday or not.

As much as we want to broadcast that January 2, 2012 is a holiday, it was not. That means that those working on both government and private sectors need to report to work on January 2, 2012 - Monday.

For the students, classes will resume in January 3, 2012.

However, classes on Bagyong Sendong implicted areas, classes will resume according to the discretion of local authorities since classrooms are still in use as evacuation centers.

So that's it, the first Monday of 2012 is not a holiday.


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