Gwen Zamora & Vic Sotto Rumors

Is there any truth about Vic Sotto and Gwen Zamora rumored relationship or was it just for their upcoming movie, Enteng Ng Ina Mo? read full story here...

Gwen Zamora & Vic Sotto

Gwen Zamora Vic Sotto

Vic Sotto & Gwen Zamora On Enteng Ng Ina Mo

Vic Sotto has been again rumored with another girl, now, his Enteng ng Ina mo wife, Faye, played by Gwen Zamora.

This new rumor however had raised many eyebrowes as Vic Sotto had just recently linked with his Eat Bulaga co-host Pauleen Luna. Is there any truth about the Gwen Zamora and Vic Sotto relationship rumor or was is just a plain promotional stir for their upcoming movie.

Showbiz media had reported that Vic Sotto was so sweet to Gwen Zamora during the shooting of Enteng Ng Ina Mo which leads to speculation that Vic and Gwen had something is hapenning between them.

As of our opinion, this may be the reason on why did Vic Sotto nor Pauleen Luna had admitted their relationship to anyone before despite their friends admitting their relationship. It appeared that Vic Sotto is reserving himself to Gwen Zamora for their Enteng Ng Ina Mo publicity.

Is there really any truth about this publicized Vic Sotto and Gwen Zamora relationship or was it really used to cultivate their 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival entry?

Well, let us just wait and see after this month of December whether the rumors is true or will Vic and Pauleen will reveal their relationship by themselves.

As of this writing, neither Vic nor Gwen had made any statement admitting the issue.


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