Francine Prieto Tweeted PNoy As Panot

Sexy Star Francine Prieto Called Philippine President Aquino - "Panot", see full story...

Francine Prieto Called President PNoy Aquino - Panot

Francine Prieto Panot President PNoy Noynoy

Noynoy PNoy Aquino Called As Panot By Francine Prieto

A half Filipo half Norwegian, Filipina celebrity who mostly do sexy roles - Francine Prieto called Philippine President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III as "Panot" on the microbloggin site -

"Panot" is a Filipino word directly means "bald" - a word that is usually used to degrade or mock someone, and this time a sexy star used it to the most powerful person on the country - President Aquino.

It all started when twitter username @hecklerforever asked Francine Prieto, username fwancheen on twitter, if she will say yes if the president asked here for a date. Francine answered by retweeting @hecklerforever tweet and added "~nope, ayoko sa panot".

Here's how the tweet reads:

@HecklerForever: @fwancheen if the president asks u for a date, would you say yes? ~nope, ayoko sa panot.

Francine Prieto tweet had arouse a noisy commotion online, some attacked Miss Prieto back saying that the president would no like her either and branded her as a whore.

Being attacked by some twitter users, lead by username Peter Katigbak (@StPeterski) and the fake Dionisia Pacquiao (@OfacialDionisia), Prieto said that she is considering deleting her twitter account again for the second time. "Malapit na akong umalis sa Twitter. Parami ng parami ang mga bastos at demonyo dito. Di na 'to masaya," - Francine said.

Katigbak has this to say to Prieto - "Bumabalik lang sayo ang kawalan mo ng modo sa paglapastangan sa Pangulo. Ikaw ang nag umpisa!"

Other twitter users like @mariecruz777 username said that Francine should be more sensitive giving her message - "@fwancheen ganito kc yun. ang maliit n bagay s atin, s iba malaki. we dont say evrything dat coms 2 our mind. yun ang sensibilities."

However, other users supported Francine Prieto, saying that Francine saying "Panot" is nothing but a reality and not to belittle the president. @fwancheen merely said a as much as "GMA is PANDAK" is a fact as well.So why condemn & make an issue the fact that "Pnoy is PANOT"? - said @IamTorero user.

As of this writing, Francine Prieto has this last tweet on her twitter account:

"Merry Xmas To All! Matanda, Bata, Bakla, Tomboy, Babae, Lalaki, Matangkad, Pandak, May Buhok o Wala. Spread The Love."


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