FPJ Proclamation As 14th President Of The Philippines

Susan Roces and Grace Poe Llamanzares Wants Fernando Poe Jr. - FPJ - Be Proclaimed As 14'th President

Susan Roces Wants Fernando Poe Jr. To Be Proclaimed As 14'th Philippine President

fernando poe jr. FPJ Proclaim 14 President

Susan Roces Wants To Correct History By Proclaiming FPJ As 14'th Philippine President

Fernando Poe Jr.'s (FPJ) wife, Susan Roces and his daughter Grace Poe Llamanzares wanted to correct the Philippine history. According to reports, they want FPJ to be proclaimed as the 14'th Philippine President.

Seven years after Fernando Poe Jr.'s death, wife Susan Roces still believe that her husband, Fernando Poe Jr., as well as the Filipino people was cheated on the 2004 presidential election. Susan Roces said that this is something that the country needs to set right.

"It’s something that has to be set right. I don’t know how they’re going to do it but ipokrita ako kung sasabihin kong hindi,” Susan Roces firmly said on an interview.

"Iwasto ang kasaysayan. Iyan ang talagang pinapangarap nating mangyari," FPJ's daughter, Grace Poe Llamanzares added.

It can be recall that Fernando Poe Jr. died after months pass on he was defeated by Gloria Arroyo on presidential race on 2004. Since then, the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was rained with cheating rumors even during on her nine years regime.

Susan and Grace both wanted the whole country to know the truth behind the 2004 presidential election and they are seeking for the government's aid.

Is there any chance that FPJ be proclaimed as the true winner on 2004 presidential elections?

We still didn't know for now, but one thing for sure - this government has the tendency to do most things against GMA.

What's keywordspeak.com's team view? Nope, our personal opinions isn't important on this article. All we wanted is to know the truth, let's see the evidences, let's hear the witnesses, and most importantly - let's open the case that will hear it. If not proven then good, but if prove that the king of Philippine movie did really win, I think he, his family as well as the sacred votes of the Filipinos all need to see him be proclaimed.

We hope that the truth find its way.


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