Elevator Accident At Rubicam Manhattan

A woman was immediately killed on an elevator accident on one Manhattan building, read full story here...

Elevator Accident Killed Suzanne Hart

Manhattan elevator accident

Elevator Accident Killed Suzanne Hart At Rubicam Manhattan Building

This is another tragic news that has arouse one common question - why did it happen ?

One woman named Suzanne Hart was killed after doing the daily routine that most American do in their everyday life, riding on an elevator.

On her way to her job at Young & Rubicam on one Manhattan building, Suzanne Hart step on an elevator going up on around 10 a.m. joining a man and a woman inside. Just as she step inside elevator everything went wrong, Hart still have one foot outside the elevator when it immediately shoot up without warning crushing her foot between the wall and the elevator compartment.

Suzanne Hart, 41 years old, was grabbed by a man inside the elevator but it was too late for him to save the victim. The other woman on the elevator can only watch with horror. While Suzanne Hart died on that elevator accident, the two other passengers were reportedly to have been traumatically shocked after witnessing the incident.

According to the initial report, the said elevator was last inspected last June of this year and found no safety issues. The said inspection however doesn't support any documentry evidence that the elevator really underwent an inspection - and if it really passed for that matter.

The elevator accident occured at 285 Madison, located between 40th and 41st street on Manhattan was responded by police less than five minutes after a stream of people rushed away from the building.

One firefighter who rescued the survivors said that the man was crying while the female was shaking. The two survivors were then taken to N!YU Langone Medical Center to be treated for psychological trauma.

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  1. This is a bad news... I'm so sorry for Suzanne Hart... In my country, Indonesia, there has been a big accident. It became "the worst accident" in early 2012 that kills 9 pedestrians....