2 And A Half Sisters

Vice Ganda, Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis had been reported to have been cooking Viva Entertainment's newest movie for 2012, title is "2 and a half sisters", read more...

Vice Ganda, Sarah Geronimo & Anne Curtis Top Bills Two And A Half Sisters

2 and a half sisters

Two And A Half Sisters Movie

There has been an unconfirmed news that Vice Ganda, Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis is currently working on a movie under Viva Entertainment next year, 2012. According to sources the working title is "Two And A Half Sisters", but since it is still unconfirmed, the title had gone into numerous versions which includes "2 and 1/2 Sisters" and "2 and a Half Sisters".

Vice Ganda, Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis was said to have been selected for the Viva Entertainment movie for 2012 because they are the top money makers of Viva Entertainment for 2011. 2 and a Half Sisters is said to break existing box-office records which includes Vice Ganda's top grosing film, Praybeyt Benjamin.

The leading man as rumored will be Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim and Jericho Rosales.

Nitizens has been speculating the sense of the title - 2 and a half sister - where Anne and Sarah as the 2 sisters and their third sister is a gay, Vice Ganda which play the next "half" on the "2 and a half sister" title.

The said movie was said to be directed by Wen Deramas, the same director of Viva's Praybeyt Benjamin.

Is this rumored movie is real? We will be updating this post as soon as we heard any development regarding this.


  1. i will wait for that... partners are? sarah-gerald; anne-xian; and vice-echo... hahahaha.. sana matuloy po!!!!!!!!!!!