1Million & Car Raffled On Pacquiao's Birthday

Pacquiao's birthday party costs three million excluding the one million raffle prizes, a brand new car, motorcycles and tv sets, read full story here...

Manny Pacquiao's Birthday Raffle - 1 Million and Car

Manny Pacquiao's Birthday Raffle

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Manny Pacquiao is really a certified news maker. Yesterday, Pacquiao celebrated his 32nd birthday at the KCC Convention Center in General Santos City attended with some 1,500 guests.

The highlight of the celebration is a raffle of one million pesos, hard cash. Originally the guests was told that Pacquiao's birthday celebration will only have a brand new car as the grand prize - a Toyota Vios. However, the guests was surprised when Manny Pacquiao showed of a one million pesos as the new grand prize on top of the original prizes. It was reported that the 500,000 was from Pacman while the other half came from Chavit Singson.

Jinkee and Governor Singson suggested to Manny to draw two 500K winners insted of one 1M winner for the raffle but Manny insisted that he want to send someone home one million pesos richer, and so he did. A barangay captain was blessed to have won the one million pesos, not a cheque but an actual hard cash.

Other raffle prizes aside from the one million pesos and the Toyota Vios were two motorcycles and three flat screen television sets. A total of 1,500 raffle stubs took part on the actual raffle according to the organizers.

The birthday party was dressed with a modern gecko theme where female models body painted like greek goddesses roamed around.

Among of the VIPs were Pacquiao's own coach Freddie Roach, promoter Bob Arum and Puerto Rican champion Juan Manuel Lopez who all flew for the birthday party.

Pacquiao politician friends were also present on his birthday which includes Ilocos Sur Governor Luis "Chavit" Singson as the most prominent.

Manny Pacquiao's birthday party costs three million pesos excluding all the prizes that were raffled off.

The whole progam was hosted by Bayani Agbayani and Long Mejia.


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