Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity, One Died On Hazing

Aspirant Killed On Hazing - Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

tau gamma phi hazing

Davao City, Criminology Student Died On Hazing By Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

When someone died on a fraternity hazing, who was to blame?
The fraternity officials who beat him to death?
The aspirant who subject himself to the initiation?
The parents who may have shortcomings to guide their son?
The government who have no programs to prevent such things?
Or the mere community he had with?

Ask all the questions you want, but things like these isn't stopping.

A criminology student of Notre Dame on Tacurong College had died at the hospital due to severe beatings he got from a hazing on Tau Gamma Phi - Triskelion fraternity.

Nor B. Silongan, 16 years old, a resident of Lambayong town in Sultan Kudarat died last September 15 on the hospital and was buried the following day due to Muslim burial ritual.

Noria Biang, the victim's mother told reporters that her son was able to tell her the whole story before he died at the Allah Valley Hospital in Koronadal City.

According to the victim's mother, her son arrived home last September 12 with his friends carrying him because he was unable to walk by himself. The severity of Nor's condition prompted her to bring his son to the hospital where he was treated for five days. Though being treated for five days, the victim's condition worsen that lead to his death.

According to medical records, the damaged to the victim's body was so fatal that his body was unable to recover inspite of all medical assistance he got.

"I kept on asking him but he refused to tell me what happened to him. Then, when he was about to die he decided to tell me everything," the victim's mother told reporters on between sobs.

According to her son, the members of Tau Gamma Phi - Triskelion fraternity officials brought his son in an isolated area in Barangay New Isabela , Tacurong City where the hazing was done on the ninth of last month. There, twenty seniors of Tau Gamma Phi - Triskelion took turns in beating him and the other two aspirants.

When her son could no longer take the pain from too much beating, he decided to quit. He attempted to run but one official grabbed his hair then punched him hard on the abdomen, the victim's mother recounted. Then, while lying on the ground, one fraternity official scooped sand with his hands and forcefully put it inside the victim's mouth.

The victim's family immidieately reported the incident to the police authority right after the death of their son. The family of the victims was able to give the names of the twenty fraternity's officials.

"We heard that those involved in hazing were no longer attending classes at Notre Dame of Tacurong College. But, we hope the law enforcers could still apprehend them," the mother said.

"We are filing charges not only to seek justice for our son but hopefully to prevent similar incident in the future," the victim's mother added.

We have no news on the situation of the other two aspirants but we are speculating that the one who died had received all the attention from the fraternity's seniors because it made them angry for him quitting the initiation. The victim who quitted may have saved the other two from more beatings.

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  1. Minsan talaga ang talang may kasalanan ay ang mga taong o kabataan na sumasali sa ganitong grupo. Alam naman nila kung ano ang consequences at ang maaaring mangyari sa kanila pero still sumasali sila.

    There are also many factors but still the least we can do is dumamay na lng at sabihan pa ang mga batang di pa nabibiktima ng ganitong pangyayari.