Steve Mago & Pia Guanio Wedding

Pia Guanio And Steve Mago Wedding

pia guanio steve magno wedding

Pia Guanio And Steve Mago Tied The Knot On A Civil Wedding

After being engaged for five months to her non-showbiz boyfriend, kapuso host Pia Guanio was reported to have tied the knot with business man Steve Mago.

Pia Guanio and Steve Magno wedding. A Christian wedding took place at the garden on Steve Magno's parents house in Alabang, Muntinlupa last October 1 of this year. The wedding was officiated by Pasto Paolo Punzalan, the son of the late Helen Vela.

The wedding ceremony was so exclusive that less than fifty close friends and relatives are the only ones who attended the event. There were even no sponsors (ninong and ninang) just like the usual wedding that everybody knows.

It happened in a very quiet, solemn and Christian way. Pia Guanio who belong to the Victory Christian Fellowship influenced Steve Magno to convert as well fro being a Roman Catholic. Pia however said that she did not insisted Steve to leave Catholisism, “I didn’t pressure him to.” Pia said on an interview.

Pia made the revelation on a phone patch interview on Showbiz Central last Sunday after the news spread on networking sites and various local websites and blogs.

Pia However said that she doesn't see it as the real wedding like what's everyone's mind.

“It wasn’t really a wedding per se. It was more of having our relationship blessed. You see, Steve and I are Christian. We are both members of Victory Christian Fellowship. We are trying to live an honorable Christian life, you know, not just attending regular services but to live it. We wanted our relationship to be blessed by God,” Pia said on the phone.

She however clariffied this further by saying that a contract was signed.

“Though in every way it's a Christian blessing, it is a wedding by layman's term, and legally speaking, it is also a civil wedding because, of course, nagkapirmahan na ng kontrata.”

She added further that no honeymoon is happening and they are not living on the same roof yet.

"And no, there wasn’t any least for now. They also are not living-in together after the ceremony. A sleepover is not also happening according to the couple." Pia's voice said.

To wrap things up, Pia said that she and Steve Magno is planning to make the bigger wedding next year which might happen in Europe.


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