November 2, 2011 Holiday Philippines

Is November 2, 2011 A Holiday In The Philippines ?

November 2, 2011 holiday

November 2, 2011 Special Non-Working Holiday ?

October 31, 2011 had been officially declared as a special non-working holiday by Malacanang last Tuesday through Proclamation Number 265.

With this, Filipinos has been searching the internet asking whether November 2, 2011 is also a special non-working holiday. The reason why October 31, 2011 was declared by the Philippine president as a special non-working holiday is because that day which is Monday was sandwiched between Sunday and a regular holiday.

However, November 2, 2011, an all souls day is not sandwiched to any non-working days so it's not more likely to be declared as a holiday of any kind.

But who knows? November 2 of this year could be also a holiday as it is still very early to tell.

We will be updating this post as soon as any development be officially announced by Malacanang.

More updates will be posted after this line.


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