Claudine Barretto Losses Money From The Bank

Claudine Barretto Looses 5 Million From The Bank

claudine barreto bank

Claudine Barretto On Union Bank Issue

Philippine actress Claudine Barretto had reportedly crying outside the Union Bank after the balance on their account was lost, mysteriously disappeared at the time she was withdrawing.

According to the report, Claudine Barretto with her lawyer went to the Union Bank at the Quezon Avenue branch to withdraw money from the joint account with her husband Raymanrt Santiago.

Report said that the money they are trying to withdraw had suddenly got missing after some 30 minutes from the time they tried withdrawing it. According to Barretto's lawyer, Atty. Agnes Maranan, the funds disappeared and apparently was taken into an "inter-bank withdrawal".

"Draw your own conclusions pero the timing, ‘no… It was withdraw at the time we were here asking to withdraw it. We were here for more than 30 minutes. I was able to confirm from the teller that the funds were still there; and then suddenly, about 40 minutes or 30 minutes later, wala na ‘yung funds." - Atty Maranan said on an interview on 24 Oras.

The joint bank account can only be withdraw by either Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto separately. The bank manager however didn't respond to any questions by the 24 Oras reporters and Raymart Santiago's camp didn't issued any statement at of press time.

Prior to this, Claudine has been linked to various controversies on which the hottest is her alleged extra-marital affair with Martin Castro, a close friend of her husband. The issue sprout with Claudine Barretto - Angelica Panganiban sour relationship after Barretto said that Panganiban is the one who is spreading the issue.

Barretto had been linked to various men after this.

This news questioned that the relationship between the couple is on the rocky stage, some reports even said that the two had split-up already. The couple had already denied this issue many times.


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