Warning: Shamcey Supsup Facebook Scandal

Warning: Shamcey Supsup Scandal On Facebook

samchey supsup scandal

Virus Warning - Shamcey Supsup Facebook Scandal

Beware of this new virus that's been circulating on facebook. This some kind of a virus link depicts that the Philippines' bet for the Miss Universe title, Shamcey Supsup has a leaked video scandal on facebook.

According to the preview video link, an undressed half bodied picture that shows woman facing backwards pretend to be Shamcey Supsup and you can only view the whole video by clicking on it.

But this is actually an old news as I have personally became a victim with a related link before that has a similar nature. The kind of link that when you click on it is that it will post the same link on your wall that you cannot in any way delete it. I am not actually sure on how they get around not being deleted on a user's wall but they did.

About this alleged facebook scandal of Shamcey Supsup, do not even bother to click the link because it would not give you anything.

This post intends to inform everyone about this scam.

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  1. nandito yung video ohh...