Shamcey Supsup To Lead Ang Panday 3 ?

Bong Revilla Wants Shamcey As His Leading Lady On Ang Panday III

shamcey supsup leading lady ang panday

Ang Panday Part 3 To Cast Shamcet Supsup

Senator Bong Revilla earlier today said on a media interview that he wanted Miss Universe third runner up, Shamcey Supsup to be his leading lady on her next movie - Ang Panday III.

"I want her to be my leading lady. If she wants to be an actress, I will not hesitate to get her as my partner in the movie. I am sure it will be a box office hit," - senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. said.

Bong Revilla said that the movie - Ang Panday Part 3, will start filming on the first half next year, 2012. According to Bong, preparations has been made to the next Ang Panday the movie where Marian Rivera, Philip Salvador at Mark Lapid has been confirmed to casts.

Bong Revilla said that he is willing to wait until Shamcey Supsup got breath on her current busy schedules.

Though everything was just a plain talk for now, but if you heard the leading man talking about her desired next leading lady, it would make it 95% possible, just in case Shamcey Supsup agreed on it. Though it is expected that Shamcey would turn to be a more public personality, that is a wiser choice if we will to ask, rather than to pursue her career being an architect.

However, Shamcey Supsup boldly told the media that she wanted to pursue her career being an architect rather than entering showbiz, but who knows? That would only mean that if they seriously want Shamcey, they should give an offer she cannot refuse.

It can be recalled that the movie, Ang panday Part 2's leading lady is Izza Calzado. The movie hit the box office which undeniably helped Bong Revilla for his seat on the Philippine senate.


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