Shalani Soledad, President Noynoy - PNoy Meet Again

Shalani Soldedad and PNoy Meet Again On Airport

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Shalani and Noynoy Bumped At The Airport

Shalani Soledad and her ex-boyfriend, President Benigno Noynoy-PNoy Aquino III met again at the Dumaguete airport after a year pass on their break-up.

The president was in Dumaguete for inauguration of a local market in Bais while Shalani Soledad attended a local festival. Though it is not clear whether they both knew that each others are scheduled for the same time on the airport or everything is really a coincidence.

According to the eyewitness, the two were on their way back to Manila when they accidentally bumped to each other. When Shalani was about to board the plane, she saw that president PNoy is about to board the plane so she waited for him.

President Noynoy then approached Soledad and shook her in a civil way and asked "Kamusta?", in which Shalani answered the usual "Mabuti" reply. President Noynoy Aquino immidiately said "Mauna na ako" then head to the plane.

According to speculators, the meet-ups was on an awkward state, that everything was so formal. It is not clear though if the president was really on a hurry or he's just escaping from public eyes which could misinterpret any further moves they would make.

However, president Aquino III when earlier asked on why did he think Shalani Soledad and him was on the same province at that time answered “Malay ko kung ano ang gagawin niya dito.".

The "still single" Philippine President called the 29-years old Bais mayor Karen Villanueva "gwapa" on his speech during the inauguration of Bais public market.

Shalani Soledad on the other hand was linked to Wil Time, Big Time host Willie Revillame and is currently dating Pasig City representative Roman Romulo.

The president meanwhile was recently linke to GMA7's talent Iza Calzado, though it seems that everything was just an irresponsible rumors.


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