Rice Husk Stove

What Is Rice Husk Stove ?

rice husk stove

Rice Husk Stove For Sale

A 11 kilograms Liquified Petrolium Gas or LPG is somewhere on seven hundred pesos depending on your location. With this, cheap way of cooking is really something that many Filipino can appreciate, especially on this hard times.

Filipino agricultural engineer and now inventor Alexis Belonio had created a new and cheap way of cooking - the Rice Husk Stove.

The cylindrical tube is poured with rice husk and would be lit initially, the fire will then be kept by a low current fan that is plugged on the regular AC power. The stove emits a bluish-red flame that can cook all foods that you want.

If you are worried about the electric consumption, the fan being so small, the electric consumption of this small fan which is about the size of the regular chassis fan of a computer is very low, like 1/20 of that of a regular desk fan does.

This stove uses an agricultural waste product - rice husk - which mostly ended up on rice fields being burned without any use. Rice husks is so abundant to the Philippines that getting it on the country sides is very much free. The farmers would even smile at you if you would ask them to take the rice husks pilling up on their fields.

My father is a farmer and I personally know how rice husks are treated like a waste on our province. It is even treated like a big problem on rice mills as the rice husks pile up at the back of the rice mill which mostly ended up ---- really being burn.

I can see two major benefits here, first, the use would save a significant amount of money and he can help nature as it would prevent continuous consumption of LPG and preventing rice husks to be burned - which prevents the heating up of our planet.

You can build your own rice husks stove but I saw on sulit.com.ph that some ready made designs are for sale from 1,700 pesos up.

Here's a guide book on how you can make your own rive husks stove, written by the inventor himself.

Alexis Belonio, a 51 years old from Nueva Ecija is also a recipient of Pitong Pinoy, a recognition given by Yahoo! Philippines to seven modern-day Filipino heroes.


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