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Philippine Volcanoes, Borneo 7s - Rugby Team

Philippine volcanoes

Philippine Volcanoes on Shangai China

We have first seen them on the billboard along EDSA after Bench Philippines took them as underwear endorsers, the billboard however pulled by the authorities in order of Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos last July 7 of this year.

The Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby Team is now getting the attention on their own country they have deserve long ago after making an inpressive wins on Shanghai Rugby Sevens tournament.

Philippine Volcanoes team overwhelmed team Korea with the score of 19-14 in favor of Philippine Volcanoes after earlier beating United Arab Emirates (UAE) 24-7. The Philippine National Rugby team, Philippine Volcanoes was ranked number 5 at start of the tournament but now became the leader on Group 2 after beating UAE and Korea.

Group 2 composed of hard-to-beat teams who finished second from Group D namely - China, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan.

Group B is composed of powerhouse teams - Japan, Thailand and Chinese-Taipei. Group C on the other hand will be played by Hongkong, Malaysia and Mongolia.

On the side notes, Philippine Volcanoes was compared to the Philippine Azkals team but both teams dispels of overboarding anyone. Anton del Rosario when asked about the alleged whos-the-best controversy said - "I'm not worried about it. People can think what they think. I mean we are all playing for the same country. People should not be comparing Philippine teams, I mean we are all playing for the same country, for the same reasons,". Meanwhile, Philippine Volcanoes reportedly said that they respect Philippine Azkals and they are very much willing to play an exhibition game with the Azkals.

Going back to the topic, the Philippine Volcanoes had won five out of eight international matches that they have played on the Borneo 7s.

Here's the bonus, some members of the Philippine Volcanoes have been very active lately on twitter site, conversing with fans and promoting the Rugby games. If you want to tweet with them, here are their accounts.

Andrew Wolff - @IamAndrewWolff
Chris Everingham - @EveringhamChris
Eric Tai - @eric_tai
Harry Morris - @HarryMorris1
Justine Coveney - @Justin_Coveney
Kenneth Stern - @kennethstern
Oliver Saunders - @oliverjsaunders wishes the Philippine National Rugby team the best of luck for your future games!


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