Mother Of James & Phil Younghusband Dies

Susan Younghusband, Mother Of James Younghusband & Phil Younghusband Dies On Heart Attack

susan phil james younghusband mother dies heart attack

Susan Younghusband Dies On Heart Attack

Another sad news was brought forth on Philippine news, especially to the sport and celebrity sections as the mother of popular football players, James and Phil Younghusband dies on a heart attack.

Philippine Azkals players' mother apparently had a heart attack yesterday, Saturday - September 10, 2011, at around 10:30pm that caused her immidiate dead.

Susan Younghusband, a native of Malabon City died at the age of 49 while her husband, Philip Younghusband died on a cancer eight years ago.

Phil Younghusband said on an interview that their mother is very supportive on their football career even though their mom knew nothing about that sports. "My mom's very supportive. If she can't watch me live, she watches me on telly since my games in Chelsea are televised," Phil told the Philippine Daily Inquirer way back in 2007. "Even if I knew I had a bad game, she's always like, 'well played, well played,' to give me confidence." Phil added further.

Younghusbad's family will held her wake at Funeraria Paz, Sucat, Paranaque.


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