Miriam Santigao To Contest Shamcey Supsup's Place

Miriam Defensor-Santiago Wants To Contest Shamcey Supsup's Place If Possible

miriam santiago shamcey supsup

Miriam Defensor-Santiago To Contest If Possible

Philippine senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago would like to contest Philippine representative to the Miss Universe 2011 pageant, if possible that is.

If there is any legal means, as said by the senator who obviously wants Shamcey Supsup to have the crown instead Leila Lopes of Angola.

"I'm going to file a protest if possible... if there's a legal remedy I don't think that it might be taken as lacking in sportsmanship," -Senator Santiago said on a media interview.

Shamcey Supsup finished as third runner up in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant where Miss Angola, Leila Lopes got this year's title.

Here is the top five places for the Miss Universe 2011 pageant.

Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko (1st runner-up);
Miss Brazil Priscila Machado (2nd runner-up);
Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup (3rd runner-up); and
Miss China Luo Zilin (4th runner up)

The senator said that she is expected that Shamcey Supsup would be included to the remaining two, Olesya Stefanko of Ukraine as the other one.

"As it turns out neither one made the top two positons which shows that I'm better as a senator than as a beauty consultant I imagine... but I thought that she did very well," Santiago added.

However, the senator said that she is not sour-graping over the outcome because she said that the result may have partly political.

"Sometimes you can't discount these possibilities. They all deserve to win, except that I'm very disappointed because I thought that our contestant was an ideal candidate that represented the best of the Filipina," Santiago further said on the media.


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