Mayweather vs Ortiz Replay Video

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz Replay Video

mayweather vs ortiz video replay

Watch Replay Video Mayweather vs Ortiz

The boxing fight between Flod Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz took place at the luxurious MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America where fights of popular fighter is taking place.

This post will be updated as soon as the fight is over, we will be embedding replay videos for the Mayweather vs Ortiz boxing fight this Saturday, September 14, 2011.

Meanwhile here are some words of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz on media.

"No athlete work harder than me. F**k fighters. No athlete works harder than me."
"We on 24/7 right now,"
"You tell me one athlete right now that’s been dominating the game for 16 years straight without a loss. Tell me one. Tell me just one. That ends it all. I’m gone."

Guess who! yup, you guess it right, i guess =) This words came from no other than Floyd Mayweather himself.

On the contrary, the very motivated Victor Ortiz has this to say.

"As of today, I’m not content. I’m not happy. I’m knocking at the doors. I’m at the footsteps of something big."

Victor Ortiz is ten years younger that Floyd Mayweather. Based on the experience and age, it is expected that experts regard Ortiz as the underdog for this boxing match.

Watch replay video, boxing fight between Mayweather vs Ortiz.
Update will be post after this line.


I'm sure that you do not want to watch the entire fight, more or less you've heard that Ortiz was caught off guard that put him to a knock out. Also you may have heard that Ortiz made a seemingly intentional headbutt.

Well, here are the scenes that you want to see, enjoy watching!


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