Mariel Rodriguez Transferred To TV5

Mariel Rodriguz To Co-Host Wil Time Bigtime On TV5

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TV5 Newest Talent Is Mariel Rodriguez

Let's pretend that you haven't read the title of this article first, now I need to ask you to hold on to your seat, grab-tight that jaw, and here we go - Mariel Rodriguez has been transferred to Kapatid network, TV5, -- a 95% reality.

Now wasn't that shocking?

However, if you are updated to showbiz news, you may have heard that this transfer had made some hint over Philippine television.

First, it is very noticeable that the host of TV5 Wil Time Bigtime, Mr. Willie Revillame is keeping on greeting Mariel Rodriguez on air during his show in Wil Time Bigtime. Rumor said that Willie Revillame's camp is nanliligaw to Mariel to be his co-host on TV5. It was all a rumor then until Mariel Rodriguez herself confirmed the offer from TV5.

Mariel then said to the media that she is currently under negotation with TV5 executives but no final arrangements has been ironed yet.

"Actually there is an offer. I was offered by Kuya Willie." Mariel confirms.

Mariel also told that the ABS-CBN management knew about the offer from TV5.

"I think everything is under negotiation. There is no definite answer now, but I already spoke to the management of ABS. They knew about my situation.

Mariel Rodriguez may have entertained the offer from TV5 network because she said that some projects which was verbally arranged by ABS-CBN did not came into reality.

"Kasi may mga projects na sa kasamaang-palad, hindi natutuloy, pero napag-usapan. Eh, kasi nga, nagkaroon nga ng certain instances na yung mga napag-usapang gagawin, di natuloy. Rodriguez said.

But those were history, Mariel is now confirmed to be the newest star on Kapatid network.

It can be recall that Mariel Rodriguez bade viewers of Happy Yippe Yehey a goodbye last Saturday, September 17, 2011. According to reports, Mariel will sign a contract anytime now with TV5.

We still did not know on TV5's plans for Mariel Rodrigues but it was reported before that aside from the offer to be the co-host of Wil Time Bigtime, she will be solo-hosting a reality show on TV5. Rumors said that the talent fee would be somewhere in tripple from her previous on the other network.

It is also been known that ABS-CBN did not made their talent - Mariel Rodriguez under an exclusive contract, where projects and pay are much lower that those who have exclusive bond.

If the plan to be the Wil Time Bigtime co-host pursued, reports said that she will be starting her appearance on the show on early October. This will mark her reunion with Willie Revillame as it can be recalled that they both hosted the defunct Wowowee show of ABS-CBN.

mariel rodriguez wil time bigtime
Other rumors said that Toni Gonzaga is one of the reason on why Mariel Rodriguez decided to move on TV5. According to a DPA, the hosts on HYY are not really happy from each other, and that the show's title 'Happy Yippe Yehey' is a total misnomer. That Mariel did not had a hard time quitting the show.

Mariel Rodriguez answered on a text message sent to a showbiz reporter when asked if there's a truth that she and Toni Gonzaga are not making an eye-to-eye contact while on the show."Sa totoo lang po, ako I have no problem with the other hosts. But Toni doesn’t like me. It’s very obvious that she can’t stand me, sad to say." said Mariel on a text message.

But there's a report that said that the Kapamilya network is hardly running after Mariel Rodriguez and that the ABS-CBN management will not take no for answer.

"This is the hardest decision that I ever have to make," - Mariel said on an interview.

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta was also reported to move to another network. That she will be meeting with ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 when she comes back from her concerts in Europe, but that's another story.


  1. ay, magkaaway pala sila mariel at toni?
    taray naman ni toni.

  2. ABS-CBN-magsara yellow network?..malabo yan..
    establish na yan sila..millions of people narin natulongan ng mga Lopezes...same with GMA dami narin..gaya ng TV---dami rin natulongan.....

    kaya malabo magsara yan..kaw ha mmmmm.....solid yan....the same with other networks.....PEACE!

  3. ...Ang plastic ni toni

  4. mabait c mariel,eh halata nman na c toni ang masung8

  5. mabait c mariel,eh halata nman na c toni ang masung8

  6. si mariel nga jan eh, di maayos ayos ang hosting eh, though nag improve nman after her whats the word that's the word nya'nun...furthermore, minahal dawb nya si robin kasi pinakita ni robin ang pagiging pagkababae nyang tunay at seemingly opposite to willie as a co-host, tapos biglang iiwanan ang ABS CBN sa ere nun kasi lilipad sya with robin, kaya somehow mag iisip tlga ang network kasi naiiwanan sila sa ere, this time kukuya willie na naman sya kay WR... hmmm, sinong plastic?