Manny Pacquiao Home's Burglars

Manny Pacquiao's Home Was Invaded By Four Burglars

manny pacquiao los angeles house burglar

Four Burglars Arrested On Pacquiao's Home At Los Angeles

There's a fresh report that the house of boxer Manny Paquiao at Los Angeles, USA was entered by four thieves.

The good thing about the incident is that the Philippine congressman and boxer is not on the house when it happens, and that no one is really inside the house.

The attorney of the south paw boxer said further that the burglars unsuccefully taken anything from the house.

It just happens that the authorities were just on the neighborhood when the crime happened.

The identities of the arrested four burglars have not yet released publicly and charges are still unfiled against the four.

Manny Pacquiao is currently on the Philippines preparing for his upcoming fight against the Mexican boxer - Manuel Marquez.

It can be recalled that Manny Pacquiao's house on L.A. was featured on MTV Cribs, watch it below.


  1. naku siguradong hindi mangyayari yan dito sa pinas, lagot sila kay congressman =)