Kindle Fire Price, Philippines

Amazon Kindle Fire Price On Philippines

kindle fire philippines price

Kindle Fire Philippines

Tablet computer sure is still on its infancy, they first came out from 499, then much cheaper tablet computer pop out on the market.

Just like laptops and netbooks' prices, we expect that tablet computer prices is coming nowhere else but going down.

Thanks to the advancement of technology as we can expect a much cheaper gadget with a good performance hardwares.

Amazon had recently join the game and tried to get their share on the tablet computer market with their upgraded kindle. Kindle is now not only an ebook reader but a full pledge tablet pc, dubbed as Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is yet to released on November 16 of this year, but you can already have your reservation at amazon site with a price of $199.

With this, Filipinos are asking whether this Kindle Fire will be available locally here in the Philippines. We are predicting that Amazon is currently preparing for the worldwide shipment of this Kindle Fire, so we should be expecting this on our local shelves.

For the meantime, here are the specs that the amazon had released so far.
7-inch IPS multi-touch display @ 1024×600 pixel
1.0GHz TI OMAP4 dual-core
8GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
micro-USB 2.0 port
3.5mm audio jack
Amazon App Store
Android 2.3.5
up to 8 hours battery life
Price: $199

Note that this upcoming first generation of Kindle Fire is not 3G enabled. We did not know whether Amazon is just reserving these features on the future upgrades, just like a marketing strategy - you know.

We will be updating this post as soon as this already-hot-before-release tablet computer hit our local stores.



  1. hi anne, bought it straight from amazon.. then had it delivered via johnny air cargo :)

  2. How much its total cost including shipments?