Derek Ramsay On DNA Testing

Derek Ramsay To Take DNA Test

derek ramsay dna testing

Derek Ramsay To Take DNA Test Over Child Claim

Actor Derek Ramsay said that he is willing to take DNA testing to confirm if he is really the father or not of the son of a Filipino-Indian model named Mary Christine Jolly.

Before this claim, a report said that model Mary Cristine Jolly and Derek Ramsay was already married and the marriage contract was extracted from the National Statistics Office (NSO) by the media. The marriage was allegedly went on 2002.

This marriage issue was immideately followed of Jolly's claim tha her relationship with Derek Ramsay bore a child.

"If I have a child with this woman, that’s what we’re sorting out and finding out. Wala akong problema sa [pag-take ng paternity] test." - Derek Ramsay said during an interview on a showbiz show last Saturday.

Ramsay said that his relationship with Angelica is fine and that they will get through the controversey just like the other issues that tested their relationship.

“We remain strong because we face each intriga with our hands locked together. Magkasama na kami forever, tanggapin niyo na ‘yon.” - Derak Ramsay said further in an effort to assure the public with their relationship's strength.

Derek Ramsay and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban will be celebrating their fifth year anniversary this year.

"'Yung five years [namin together] wala pa 'yon. Dodoblehin, tri-triplehin pa namin 'yon." -added Ramsay.

Derek Ramsay will bravely face the paternity test to take this issue to an end.


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