Coco Martin & Matteo Guidicelli Fight Over Maja Salvador

Coco Martin & Matteo Guidicelli "Suntukan" Over Maja Salvador

coco martin matteo guidicelli suntukan

Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli Fought Because Of Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador, not more than 5 minutes ago before this writing took an interview on ABS-CBN's entertainment show, The Buzz, about the alleged confirmed news that Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli had fought last night over Maja Salvador.

According to reports as confirmed by witnesses, Coco Martin had a heat up argument with Matteo Guidicelli which led up on the suntukan scene.

However, Maja Salvador did not gave further details about the incident, the only information she gave was that she confirmed that Coco and Matteo really had the suntukan.

The "The Buzz" being the showbiz news made their own details about the incident based on the information that their team got. The entertainment show said that the suntukan incident between Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli happened before the Star Magic Ball 2011 started. When Maja Salvador kissed (it is not clear on who kissed first) Coco Martin, Matteo Guidicelli got furious which triggered the confrontation.

The suntukan incident according to the report of the eyewitnesses was started by Matteo. Matteo Guidicelli got jelous over Coco Martin as Maja and Coco was reportedly to have been very close because of their show "Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin", but showbiz people never thought that it would lead to something very controversial like this.

According to rumors, Coco Martin and Maja Salvador relationship seems to get noticeably deeper as their show came to the end.

Maja Salvador on the text message that she sent to the "The Buzz" aside from the interview said that everything was just a misunderstanding, that the two felt sorry about the incident and that everything has been settled already.

That will be all for now, no statement from the two involve was made public yet. Rest assured, the media people are surely making all their efforts to get the cover interview on any of the two camp.

The phones of the two actor is surely being contacted right now. We will be updating this post as soon as we heard any updates regarding this.

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