Whitening Products Banned By FDA -Philippines

Whitening Products Banned By FDA, Philippines

fda banned cosmetic products

Whitening Products Banned Due To Mercury Content

This is an alarming news needed to be spread (please share this to your friends on facebook, FB-Share button below), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last Thursday the list of cosmetic whitening products that where found to have mercury content of more than the allowable safe limit of 1ppm.

The Food and Drug Administration authorities said that the following products "pose imminent danger or injury to the consuming public and the importation, selling, or offering for sale of such is in direct violation of Republic Act No. 9711 or the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009."

The Department of Health, DOH, explains that mercury is “a known neurotoxicant, which damages the kidneys and several body systems, including the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, hematologic, immune and reproductive systems,”.

Mercury is used in cosmetic products in the form of thiomersal. Having a safe limit is a restriction that the local government is strickly imposing. However, China made cosmetic products where no manufacturer trace had invaded and available throughout the country which resulted the intervention of the national agency.

Here are the list of the banned cosmetic products as released by the FDA.

1. Jiaoli Miraculous Cream
2. Jiaoli Huichusu Special Cut Genuine Cream
3. Jiaoli 2+1 7 days Clearing Facial Spots Suit
4. Jiaoli Huichusu Whitening Speckless Removal Cream
5. Xin Jiao Li 7-Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Cream
6. Jiaoli 10-Days Eliminating Fredkle Day
7. Jiaoli 7-Days Eliminating Fredkle AB Set
8. Jiao Liang Miraculous Cream
9. Xin Jiao Liang 7-Days Miracle Package for Spots Refining
10. Jiao Mei Miraculous Cream
11. Jiao Yan Specific Miraculous Cream
12. Jiao Li 10-Days Eliminating Freckle Day
13. Beauty Girl Double White Collagen Elastin Whitening Night Cream/Double White SPF17AP++ Whitening Day Cream
14. Yinni Green Tea Quick Acting Whitener & Speckle Remover Package (Yellow & White Cream)
15. Glutathione Grapeseed Extract Whitening & Anti-Aging
16. Doctor Bai Skin Revitalizing Skin Brightening (Doctor Bai Intensive White Revitalizing & Speckle Removing Set)
17. Young Age Defying Essence
18. Gemli Glutathione Hydrolyzed Collagen Whitening & Anti-Aging
19. Qiang Li Zeng Bai Qu Ban Wang Whitening Cream
20. Shengli Day & Night Cream
21. S’Zitang Cream
22. BIB Day Cream Whitening Cream—921
23. St. Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream
24. Beauty Girl Papaya & Hawthorn Essence (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed Essence)
25. Beauty Girl Ginseng & Green Cucumber (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed
26. Beauty Girl Essence Aloe Pearl (10 Double Whitening Speckle Removed Essence)
27. Beauty Girl Olive & Sheep Essence (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed Essence)
28. BIB Nigh Cream Whitening Cream—922
29. Pretty Model Whitening & Freckle Removing (Day Cream & Night Cream-Set)
30. Pretty Girl 10 Day Special Cream
31. Pretty Girl Green Cucumber & Ginseng Cream
32. Liliki Whitening Day Cream—912
33. Lilliki Whitening Night Cream—912
34. New Miss Beauty Magic Cream
35. Jiaoli Rejuvenation Essence 10 Days Speckle Removing
36. Jiaoli Liang 7 Days Eliminating Fredkle AB Set
37. Jiaoli Liang 10 Days Eliminating Fredkle AB Set
38. Beauty Girl 6 Days Specific Eliminating Fredkle Whitening Cream Egg White & Tomato 3 in1
39. Beautiful Dream Whitening Anti-Speckle and Anti-Acne Kit
40. Miss Beauty Magic Cream
41. Miss Beauty Excellent Therapy Whitening Cream
42. Daggett and Ramsdell Underarm Lightening Cream
43. Lanmeirou 12 Days Whiten & Speckle Removing Suit
44. Berglotus Spot Removing Series
45. Yoko Gentleman Cream for Men
46. Jonathan Clearing Facial Spots 12 Day Cream
47. The Flower Woman 7-Day Whitening and Spot and Night Set Cream
48. Sara Glutathione Sheep Placenta Whitening and Anti-Spot Cream
49. Aichum Beauty Green Tea Whitening Speckle Removing Series Cream
50. Aichum Beauty Whitening Freckle Day and Night Cream

"Likewise, the assistance of all local government units are sought in reporting all outlets found selling the above products and all enforcement agencies are hereby deputized to apprehend an cause the appropriate criminal action against all outlets or establishments found selling the above identified products," the FDA authorities said on an inerview.

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