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When Is The Release Date Of NLE Board Exam For July 2011 ?

nle july 2011 board exam result when

Release Date Of Nurses Licensure Exam, July 2011

Everyone are nervous eager to see the Nurses Licensure Examination, July 2011 or the NLE Board Exam Result for July 2011 examination. As of today, August 18, 2011, no exact date was announced by the Professional Regulation Commission - Board Of Nursing, PRC-BoN, yet.

However, the official (unconfirmed) facebook page of Board of Nursing had said that they are still finalizing the release date of the NLE board exam result for July 2011.

This is when they answered a query by one of the examinee named 'Ralph Kho Cabatana' which says - 'can the BON confirm when the results of the July 2011 NLE is coming out?'. The owner of the page answered back, which reads - 'We are finalizing the release date of the July 2011 NLE. We would announce it here as soon as possible. Thanks.'.

The comment-answer does not still gave specific answer to the question, however, they have said that they are already finalizing the release date. Not really the answer everyone is expecting but at least the examinees knew that the PRC-BoN people are aware that the examinees are eagerly waiting for the result to come up.

Here is the screenshot on the Board of Nursing facebook page.

nle july 2011 when result

Rest assured, we, the keywordspeak.com team is committed to post the NLE Board Exam Result - July 2011 examination as soon as the PRC-BoN released the official result's list.

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