What would you give up for an Asus Monitor?

"Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle"

I Would Give Up My 26 Years Old Wife With Her Seven Months Old Tummy For An Asus Monitor

There will be no SEO-ing on this post. This will be my official entry for Yugatech's "What would you give up for an Asus Monitor?" contest.

The contest asks on What can you give up for the samsung led monitor. Well, on my case, I think I can give up my seven months pregnant wife.

Here are the reasons on why would I want to trade my wife with her seven months old tummy.

I can't bear the added responsibility

If magtanim ay di biro, I believe that Ang magasawa'y mas lalong di biro, because mahapon kang di lamang nakayuko, as for sure, balakang wouldn't going to be just the thing that would be tired up in here. This added responsibility of having an expected child is really so tiresome for someone like me. Financial issues is what strikes me so much, as my salary as an IT on our company became a lot smaller than what was it before.

I can't bear the added responsibility, so please take my wife and our seven months old to-be-born child.

I want to go home at anytime I want

Having a wife means having an alarm clock that rings every end of my 8-5 work at the office. Affordable mobile plans aided my wife to give me a call to check out on me.

I want to go home at anytime I want, so please take my wife and our seven months old to-be-born child.

I want to court other girls

Getting a wife is like putting a handcuff on your arms that arrests you from courting girls that you had just met. You know that you are attracted to them, and most of the time is, they're too.

I want to court other girls, so please take my wife and our seven months old to-be-born child.

If you also had a wife (or husband), chances are, you can relate on what I am telling here.

But naaah, I am just kidding on all of these of course. Today is actually our wedding day and the things above are the realizations that I had in regards to having my own family now.

In regards to the added responsibilty, so far so good, my salary as a programmer can still keep us alive. Also, my blogging income is a big help that amends on my salary's shortcomings. We are not maalwan but I can say that we are still fine right now.

In regards to the going home anytime that I want, I'm a homeboy person and I'm really not into going out much. My mother's friends on our neighbors calls me 'dalaga', not because I display gayness but because it's so seldom for them seeing me going out at night. So I really do not have any problem going straight home after work.

In regards to the courting other girls. My wife is my first serious relationship, my last was just a childhood version of bf-gf from highschool days. I didn't had a girlfriend on college, maybe I was too serious on my study or I just don't have a budget for such things as I can just barely go to school on those days. My wife is my serious girlfriend for five years before marrying her today and my first time (you know what I mean, whink!). My point is, I don't think that I'm a womenizer especially today that I already had a wife which is already a good cook as early as now :)

Well, that's it, I know that this is a photo/video-only contest, well.... then everything here are just captions okay, heheee...


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