Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Video

Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction, Shows Underwear, Video

taylor swift wardrobe malfunction st louis concert

Watch Video, Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction

Taylor Swift, the pop singer which is very well known for her floaty - light image hit the stage on her concert at St. Louis last Saturday with the song 'You Belong With Me'. As she took her steps on the beat accross the stage, the bottom of her dress flew up by the wind machine below the stage.

The accident exposed her underwear, specifically her panty to the public. Taylor Swift fans definitely got way more than what they paid for on her concert at St. Louis.

However, Taylor handeled the incident like a pro as she sexy-lly moved backward without loosing a beat on her song.

The simple mishap created a noise online that creates a free publicity in favor of the pop singer, song writer and actress.

Here is the actual video, watch it yourself:

On yahoo news, one commenter named 'Another Day Another Time' said that the incident is nothing but an act, as she says - "This was no accidental walk in on the wind machine. All performing artists know exactly where every piece of machinery is on their stage as well as on their cat walks."

One anonymouse yahoo user however said - "im not a fan of her music, but she is a professional when it comes to things like this and i admire that.<333"

on huffinftonpost.com, one commenter named 'crystal murillo' smiled on the incident as she said - At least she, unlike so many other famous people, wore something under her dress.

Haters or fans, what important here is Taylor did handelled the situation all natural. We believe that it was not scripted as she should have wore better pantys, because those are just turning me off, smile here.


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