SmartBro Canopy Review Batangas City

SmartBro With Canopy Review On Batangas City

nle registration july 2011 Batangas City

SmartBro Witn Antenna Review - Batangas City on its technology and gadget categories are taking inputs from Batangas City residents for their review to the SmartBro with Canopy fix wireless internet service.

If you are from Batangas City and a SmartBro with Canopy / SmartBro with Antenna user, please share your personal experience on using this fix wireless internet sevice.

The goal of this post is to help your kababayans that are planning to take the same service from smart communications.

If you are using or have used the product, please care to drop your comment below.

Here are some guide questions that you can answer.

1.) Does the webpages load in a considerable (or tolerable) time ?
2.) Can you watch video (youtube, etc,) from SmartBro connection ?
3.) Is the technical personnel are supportive in case of any technical problems on Batangas City ?
4.) Was the prize reasonable (monthly bill, lock-in periods, freebies, etc.) ?

Please help us make this article as a public service page for the Batangas City residents.

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