San Miguel Oktoberfest 2011

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2011 - Schedules, Venues

san miguel oktoberfest 2011

SMB Oktoberfest 2011

The annual tradition of most popular beer company in the country, San Miguel, is again scheduled this September, 2011. If you are wondering, please do not be confused on the celebartion's name - Oktoberfest, as the event's kick-off party is usually earlier that the month of October.

Rest assured, the celebration can take up to the actual month of October as the Oktoberfest celebration travels all over the country.

According to the ads from San Miguel Corporation posted earlier this month (Aug.3), San Miguel Oktoberfest would kick-off on September 16, 2011 at the Roxas Boulevard corner EDSA Open Field and would serve P10 per cup of beer.

From the past events, it is expected that the kick-off party to have limited slots for participants, so it is advisable to get on early to enter the actual venue. No seat reservation is entertained by the organizers from the past events, all space are on first-come-first-entry basis.

Participants should also expect security officers to inspect bags and body fisking to confiscate anything that could threatens the security of the other participants. It is advisable not to bring anything that could potentially harm other people like guns, knives, etc., as the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to ensure comfort and safety of those who are already in the venue.

For the entrance ticket, last year's Oktoberfest entrance fee is Php 100.00 for one (1) ticket which comes of 2 cups of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and 1 cup of San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer.

The Oktoberfest 2011 is open to the general public ages 18 and above. We advice to bring your identification cards on the actual event to ensure entrance, as some individuals look younger than their age. No exception to minors will be accomodated, even accompanied by adults, so do not bother trying.

Below is last year's kick-off party at Mall Of Asia - fireworks display.


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