NLE July 2011 Oathtaking Schedules | Nurses

NLE Oathtaking Schedules | NLE July 2011

oathtaking nle july 2011

NLE July 2011, Oathtaking Schedules

The complete details for the NLE July 2011 licensure passers' oathtaking ceremony isn't released yet by the Professional Regulation Commission - Board of Nursing, PRC-BoN.

For the meantime, here is the only official information in regards for the oathtaking of our new nurses, NLE July 2011 passers.

Board of Nursing member Marco Antonio C. Sto Tomas on his facebook fan page said that due to economic hardships, individual or group oathtaking on various PRC Regional Offices on the same schedule of registration. Here are the actual extract of the released statement.

Consider this as an advisory also to all newly passed nurses. While it would certainly be my/our pleasure to see everyone in a "mass oathtaking ceremony" practical measures need be taken especially during these “trying times of economic difficulty”. Individual or group oathtaking can be undertaken through the various PRC Regional Offices on same schedule of registration.

Here is the official notification directly from the Professional Regulation Commission, PRC, as released last August 21, 2011. The document was signed by the PRC-BoN chairman Hon. Carmencita M. Abaquin and members namely; Hon. Leonila A. Faire, Hon. Yolanda C. Arugay, Hon. Perla G. Po, Hon. Betty F. Merrit, Hon. Marco Antonio C. Sto. Tomas and Hon. Amelia B. Rosales.

The team is committed to reannounce the NLE July 2011 Oathtaking information as released by the PRC-BoN, please visit this site for the updates.

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