New Blogger Interface On The Draft

New Blogger / Blogspot Interface Now On The Draft Site

This was announced long before, and it is a good news as had already rolled out the new interface for the blogspot owners.

The new interface is now available at their draft page where new implementations are tested before making it a permanent service or feature. The new interface is available at

This article will be my first post using this new blogger interface.

First, the first thing that I notice and very much like (three thumbs up for this) is the writing pane (the one that I am writing into right now), because of the expanded space. My top complain from the previous writing pane is that the width and space is too small for me to write my article, it is like 25% of the screen, too small for me to make every post.

Here is the preview of the previous writing pane:
blogger new interface
As you can see, writing on this space is really too troublesome.

This writing pane on the new interface is about 80% of the screen, just exactly what a blogger needs in creating a post. This remove the need to scroll everytime you want to see any not-so-distant part of your composing article.

I haven't tested most of the functionality yet, but it is easy to tell that Google is trying to mimic wordpress's design. Well, just in case, I think that there is nothing wrong with that, because if they did, then more bloggers will never leave blogspot or even make a wordpress powered blog.

If you go to the interface, you will be offered an option to make it as your default blogger homepage everytime you go to That means that you will be redirected to for you to save from typing the whole address, just simply log on on your next visit like what you are use to, and yes, I already did that.

We are not sure though if any suggestion from blogspot users were considered as they invited suggestions before, see it here. The only thing that we are sure is that this new rolled out interface is definetely different from the previous interface.

This thing though is a little colorless, very much minimalist, however, we can say that this is an improvement as early as now.

Hooops, I just discovered a some kind of a watch point. The thing is, before I click on the Publish button, I switched to the Compose mode and saw that my post was merged into one paragraph. The solution is to select 'Press Enter for line breaks' from the Options menu at the left side, make sure to click on the Done button after.

So that's it, I think I can hit Publish now, and click !


  1. thanks bro.. astig ang tagal kong hinintay ito :) Good good post :)

  2. prehas pala tayong naghihintay neto, nainip din ako rito eh, heheheee..