Miriam Santiago Died?

Miriam Defensor Santiago Found Dead

miriam defensor santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Dead - Heart Attack

There was a report which said that the brave senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was found dead by her maids on her room at around 10 this morning.

Is there any truth with this report?
Is Miriam Defensor Santiago is really dead?

According to the rumors, senator Miriam Santiago was found dead on her own room after she failed to respond on her maid's door knocks. Apprently, an urgent phone from a known politician asked for Santiago laid on the maid's discovery on Miriam's death.

The maid said that she knocked the senator's room for about 10 minutes before calling for help.

If this is true, then it is really a very sad news for the entire country - or for all Filipinos around the globe. Senator Miriam Santiago is one of the bravest politicians in the country, she has the unquestionable guts to exposed anyone she wants.

Can anyone please confirm this news?

It seems that this is a plain hoax. It appears that our brave and intelligent senator is alive and well.


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